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arrows_right.gifBuddy's news page features the top headlines of over a dozen of the world's best news organizations.

Compare their coverage of current events side by side or simply skim the page for stories that catch your interest.

Clicking on a headline will take you to the appropriate story on the newspaper's Web site.arrows_up.gif



arrows_left.gifThe wires page displays every headline that has appeared on the Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse news wires in the last several hours.

When breaking news occurs, editors at the major news sites watch these lists until their reporters can file their own stories.

By refreshing this page, you'll have access to news stories before the site editors have had time to read, evaluate, copy, paste and edit them.

You'll also to find updates to stories as they develop and different perspectives from the other wire services.arrows_up.gif

arrows_right.gifThe computers page provides the most-recent headlines and software updates from various computer news sites.

Discover in-depth articles from Dr. Dobb's Journal and the sites of the O'Reilly Network.

Discuss "news for nerds" on Slashdot.

Check for the latest software updates on VersionTracker

Find reviews of stable open source software (like Buddy) on O'Reilly's Open Source Directory.

Keep tabs on the latest developments at AccelerateYourMac to push your machine's performance to the limit.arrows_up.gif



arrows_left.gifThe stocks page allows you to define a list of ticker symbols and builds a table of each stock's:

 price to earnings ratio
 volume traded
 market capitalization

So the next time some troll claims that Apple is barely worth $100 million, you can confidently reply that the company's market cap is over $5 billion.

Buddy also fetches headlines for the most-recent news stories and press releases that mention the companies you have specified.

In the future, Buddy will be able to track and graph your portfolio. You can take control of your financial data and stop entrusting it to "free" online services.arrows_up.gif

arrows_right.gifThe sports page lists tables of sports scores so you can quickly survey the results of the day's games.

As new seasons begin in different leagues, more modules will be added to this page. arrows_up.gif



arrows_left.gifOne of the things you gave up when you stopped buying the paper every morning was the daily sperad of comics strips. The newspaper Web sites provide great news content, but they want you to go through the tedious process of hunting for each strip.

By the time you've located a comic and discovered it's really not that funny today, you're not really in the mood to hunt for another.

Buddy understands. He puts over 40 comic strips and political cartoons on one page. You don't even have to scroll to read Dilbert.

The comics are blurred here because I can't legally redistribute them. But when Buddy downloads them directly from the authorized distribution sites, they're crystal clear.arrows_up.gif

Buddy is Copyright © 2002-2004 James Gibbs and Adam Guttentag.
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