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Man's best friend may fetch your paper every morning...

but Buddy will fetch a dozen newspapers...

clip out summaries of the top stories, stock quotes, sports scores, weather data and comics you want...

and paste them together into an uber-newspaper.

(did I mention he also fetches slippers without slobbering all over them?)

(And that he's Open Source?)

 Wednesday, May 12, 2004
 Buddy 1.01 out

 Bug fix to allow modules list preferences to be recorded properly.

 Bundled a couple of modules that were in CVS (Atlantic Journal-Constitution and Dr. Dobbs).

 Cocoa GUI version (Mac OS X)
 Friday, May 7, 2004
 Buddy 1.0 released

 Entirely rebuilt GUI from the ground up.

 Terminal application is no longer invoked while fetching.

 Updated modules can now be downloaded at the click of a button from cvs.

 Support files and preferences are stored in more appropriate locations.

 Individual modules can now be turned off and on.

 Sports scores now fixed.

 NBA and NHL scores added to sports page.

 Thursday, January 26, 2004
 Buddy Under New Management

 Version Beagle SP4 has been released.

 Fixes all broken modules
  In all, 29 modules fixed.
 13 New comics, including Monty, Lil Abner, User Friendly and Sluggy Freelance

Read the review of Beagle SP1 on O'Reilly's Open Source Directory, add your comments and rate Buddy.
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Sports Scores Stock Quotes Comic Strips Automation

Installing Buddy means:
Efficient Browsing of Content from Over 70 Sources

 • Arizona Republic
 • Atlanta Journal-Constitution
 • The Baltimore Sun
 • Chicago Tribune
 • Financial Times (London)
 • Los Angeles Times
 • The Miami Herald
 • The New York Times
 • The Philadelphia Inquirer
 • San Francisco Chronicle
 • The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
 • The Seattle Times
 • The San Jose Mercury News
 • The Wall Street Journal
 • The Washington Post
 News Wires
 • The Associated Press
 • Reuters
 • Agence France-Presse
 • News and Quotes by Ticker
 Computer News Sites
 • Dr. Dobb's Journal
 • Mac OS X Hints
 • MacNN
 • MacSlash
 • Open Source Directory
 • O'Reilly Network
 • Slashdot
 • XLR8YourMac
 • VersionTracker
 Sports Scores
 • Major League Baseball
 • NBA
 • National Football League
 • National Hockey League
 Political Cartoons
 • Tony Auth
 • Clay Bennett
 • Stuart Carlson
 • Mike Luckovich
 • Doug Marlette
 • Pat Oliphant
 • Ted Rall
 • Ben Sargent
 • Tom Toles
 Comic Strips
 • Andy Capp
 • Archie
 • B.C.
 • Beetle Bailey
 • Betty
 • Bizarro
 • Blondie
 • Calvin and Hobbes
 • Dennis the Menace
 • Dilbert
 • Doonesbury
 • Family Circus
 • For Better of For Worse
 • FoxTrot
 • Garfield
 • Get Fuzzy
 • Grin and Bear It
 • Heathcliff
 • Hi and Lois
 • Katzenjammer Kids
 • Kevin and Kell
 • Kudzu
 • Liberty Meadows
 • Lil Abner
 • The Lockhorns
 • Momma
 • Monty
 • Non Sequitur
 • One Big Happy
 • Peanuts
 • Pearls Before Swine
 • Popeye
 • Ripley's Believe It Or Not
 • Rhymes With Orange
 • Rugrats
 • Shoe
 • Sluggy Freelance
 • Slylock Fox
 • Speed Bump
 • The Wizard of Id
 • Tom the Dancing Bug
 • Tumbleweeds
 • User Friendly
 • Ziggy
 • Zippy

...with more on the way.

Buddy is Copyright © 2002-2004 James Gibbs and SequenceStar Software. Originally written by Adam Guttentag.
Buddy is free software released under the GNU General Public License. See the license and readme files distributed with Buddy for more information. This software is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of the Web sites from which it draws content. All logos shown are trademarks of their respective owners.

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